Tips on getting your house ready 

Before putting your property on the market, it is crucial that you properly get your house ready for viewers.

Staging is crucial to ensuring that your property will attract not only the right buyers, but by spending the time on properly preparing your property, you can ensure a faster and more financially rewarding process.

As a result, our expert property team here at Jackson Bailey has put together their top industry approved tips on getting your home ready for potential buyers.


Decluttering is key as it allows your viewers to envisage how they would have your property look if it was up to them. By removing unnecessary knick-knacks and having open window sills and surfaces, you also allow your property to feel large, spacious and really show off all the living space your home offers.

However, when removing clutter, it is important that you don’t take the personality away from your home. People want to feel like they are entering a proper home, not just a house. This will allow them to see the lifestyle that goes along with your property. For example, in Southampton where there are so many things to do outdoors, a pair of wellingtons in the hall can represent this active family lifestyle in a charming and simple way.

Freshen up

People say first impressions count, and nothing could be truer than the crucial first impression that you form when entering your potential new home. One way to ensure that this impression is as good as it can be is to freshen up your property. This can be achieved simply by giving those tired rooms an all-important lick of paint. A newly painted neutral wall will not only make your property feel clean and inviting, but it will also brighten up the space, making it feel spacious.

A tidy and neat environment will allow viewers to really see how their life would look here, not to mention give them peace of mind that minimal work needs doing to the property.

Another handy tip to allow your living spaces speak for themselves is to remove any overlarge furniture pieces and perhaps replace them with smaller ones. This will give viewers the impression of space and value for money, which when selling property, really can make all the difference. When choosing these extra pieces, always bear in mind that they should be simple, but homely. You don’t want to overpower your potential buyers with one specific style, but an open and generic one, which can spark their imagination and allow them to consider how they would use the spaces.

Tidy and refine

Just as important, if not more, as freshening and decluttering, is making sure that your property sparkles! A dirty kitchen, out of control garden or dusty windows can immediately put buyers off. It will give them the impression that you haven’t taken care of your property, which for them, will signal that there may be lots of DIY and fixing work to be undertaken. And for those with tight budgets, this can be an immediate turn off.

Ensure that you get the price you deserve by paying extra special attention to preparing your property for viewings and the staging process. In the week before this process begins, give your house a deep clean and repair or retouch all those minor aspects that could give off the wrong impression. Also, do not forget to pay attention to your garden to make the most of any outdoor space you may have. Simple things like removing washing lines, re-gravelling paths and making sure the lawn is mown can make the crucial difference between sale and refusal.

So there you have it, three simple things to ensure that you give your property the best chance once it is on the market. It is crucial to remember that you are presenting your property as a lifestyle choice, a lifestyle in a vibrant, busy and beautiful coastal city.