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Selling your home

Arguably, the most important stage of selling a property is the initial property appraisal.

This includes a full assessment of your property’s assets and market potential. It is a key part of the process as it will ensure that we will be able to not only properly present and represent your property, but it will also ensure that a suitable price is associated with it.

Many mistakes a lot of estate agents make is related to ambitious pricing. In the fragile property market of today, this is even more important. An overly ambitious property price can often lead to a lengthy and frustrating sales period, which can lead to price adjustments and final sales prices falling far below what you were anticipating. This can not only affect you, but can slow down the whole buying and selling chain that you are involved in.

At Jackson Bailey we understand the importance of accurate property valuations to ensure that our clients – buyers and sellers alike – are assured of a fair valuation to match their expectations and budgets. Our team of experienced property specialists are on hand to make a preliminary visit and initial asset appraisal prior to drawing together an appropriate marketing strategy.